Raith Rovers V Ayr United

1 Jamie Macdonald

3 Liam Dick

4 Ross Nolan

6 Brad Spencer

7 Aidan Connelly

12 Tom Lang

16 Sam Stanton

18 William Aklo

20 Scott Brown 

23 Dylan easton



Thomson, Mcbride, Ngwengya, Mcgill, Young, Masson, Goncalves


21 Charlie Albinson

3 Paddy Reading

5 Sean Mcginty

15 Alex Kirk

17 Nicholas McAallister

10 Daire O'connor

18 Reece McAlear

8 Ban Dempsey

14 Josh Mullin

22 Maek Mckenzie

9 Dipo Akenyemi



McAdams, Jenkins, Ashford, Maguire, Musonda, Smith, Houston, Hewitt.


2 mins Small chance for Raith but McAlear couldn't clear his feet,

5 mins in corner Raith which leads to another corner, played short ball hit into the box keeper spilled but did well to get it back again 

12 Good ball over the top by Ayr easily taken by MacDonald

15 Great chance by Ayr ball was in the box but Akenyemi fluffed his lines and tried to lob the keeper and put it over the bar

18 Handball shout by Raith waived away by the Ref

23 Good chance Raith ball played over to the right hand wing he hit it first time and goes just wide 

very open game so far 

26 Cross from the right from Ayr but  McKenzine couldn't keep the header down

28 Another great run down the right hand side from Ayr and again McKenzine couldn't keep the header down 

29 All Ayr players running back from the Raith box one hits the ref he goes flying to the ground 

34 Half chance for Raith good running down the left but ball shot over the bar 

36 Foul and yellow card for Sean McGinty for Ayr

37 Foul and yellow card for Ranith number 16 Sam Stanton 

39 Good chance for Ayr in the Raith box but few players got mixed up so went for a goal kick

42 Corner Ayr, Macdonald clears that one up 

44 Great block by Raith as Ayr look dangerous,

 SAVED Macdonald with a great save to keep Raith at 0 v 0





47 Good ball in the box from the Rovers but nobody could get on the end of it 

49 Penalty Ayr well deserved after good work in the box, 

SAVED Macdonald with a great save to keep Raith at 0 v 0

53 Great ball in from the right for Raith goes narrowly wide

56 Ball goes narrowly over the top of the goal from a great shot from Dylan Easton


Turning into a dirty game with an intense midfield battle 

62 Subs 18 off on 77 Raith Ayr 10 off for 22 on 

63 Massive chance rovers that needed composure but was blasted over the bar

66 Just going to repeat myself here same as last chance what a waste

67 Raith turning on the heat but 23 Dylan Easton couldn't hit a barn door 

69 Corner Raith, wasted as ball goes right off side

70 subs Ayr14 off 77 on 

71 yellow Raith after a naughty challenge on an Ayr player

76 Corner Ayr, ball headed wide of the goal

78 Corner Ayr, Raith clears the ball away well

79 3 6 off  11 on15 for Raith

80 Dylan Easton copy and repeat with his shots tonight what a waste

81 Corner Ayr, easily taken by Macdonald

84 Chance for Raith buy Maguire hits it right at the keeper

attendance 1939

88 Corner Ayr but Dipo puts it wide 

89 23 off 24 on for Raith

90 run through the middle by Raith but miles over the bar 

3 Minutes added on 

92 Corner Raith, played out another corner to come, 



Ayr was the better team overall Raith wasted so many chances, Macdonald was man of the match and rightly so with the penalty save, this game was a bad advert for league 2 in my opinion